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  •  Built to you specification - any size is possible
  •  Lightweight - quick and easy installation
  •  Corrosion resistant - will never rot or rust
  •  Class 1 fire resistant - conforms to BS476
  • * Thermally stable - will not burn or freeze hands

Fibreglass ladders and ladders with a safety cage are suitable for sewage and water treatment plants, chemical plants, offshore, power stations, roof access  etc. All GRP fibreglass ladders and stairs are manufactured to British Standard BS 4211 and can incorporate a safety cage and walkthrough with handrails. Straight fibreglass ladders with no safety cage can be  made to any length and width. Fibreglass ladders are made to order with short lead times. Any size is possible and can be supplied in either yellow or grey.

Fibreglass ladders can be supplied complete with all the required wall and floor fixings ready for your own installation. Alternatively we will be pleased to quote for our craftsmen to install for you. Can be used in conjunction with our safety gates.

A Yellow ladder with safety cage and walk-through under construction

Ships ladders can be manufactured to any size in our workshop.


This type of ladder is often used where space is limited and there is not enough room for a standard sairway.

Ladders can be built and installed to any size and shape for safe access to maintenance points.


Safety platforms can be added which can include handrails, floor hatch, safety gate etc.





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