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  •  Double bar gates for added safety and security
  •  Corrosion and chemical resistant over a wide pH range
  •  Conforms to ISO 14122 parts 3 and 4
  •  High strength / impact resistance built in
  •  Universal hinge for left or right hand opening

Anglia Composites safety gates are manufactured from Instant Set Polymer and are coloured throughout. The moving parts of the gate hinge will never wear out and there is nothing to lubricate or maintain. As this is a gravity closing gate there are no springs or bearings to worry about. The material is not affected by sunlight and will never rot or rust. All safety gates are double bar plastic gates and conform to ISO 14122 part 3:2001 and part 4:2005. Our corrosion resistant safety gates are self closing gates and have a knee rail and hand rail. All safety gates are shipped fully assembled including hinge attachment. Installation is quick and easy. All you need to do on site is drill 4 holes in the guardrail post. Two for the hinge and two for the support block. Double bar plastic gates only need one hinge. Magnetic "holdtight" kits and hinge adaptor kits are also available. Download brochure.

Safety gates are available in one size only to fit just about any opening from 550mm right up to 950mm. They can easily be cut to size on site.


All plastic gates are shipped fully assembled including hinge attachment. Safety gates only need one hinge to operate effectively. Installation instructions for safety gates, magnets and hinge adaptor kit can be obtained from the downloads page.

IMPORTANT - Our safety gates are now supplied with a universal hinge so each gate can be hung left or right hand. No need to worry about which gate to order. 

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