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We have two standard types of fibreglass handrail systems. Square section and tubular section. We generally use the square section system when building platforms, stair handrails and walkways. The square section fibreglass handrails are usually built in our workshop in sections ready for installation. However, If you wish to install the fibreglass handrails yourself then we can cut and prepare the posts to make installation even easier. This type of fibreglass handrails system is available in grey or yellow from stock. Other colours can be manufactured depending on minimum quantities.

Tubular Handrail System

The tubular system can easily be installed on site using just a few hand tools and has been designed with customer ease of installation in mind. This system is also available in Yellow or Grey from stock. Our Tubular GRP Handrail System is simple to use and quick to install. All you need on site is a hacksaw and a drill. Fix the components using s/steel pop rivets or nuts and bolts. These can be supplied if required.


For safety critical applications, you will be pleased to know the product has been tested and approved to safety standards BS EN ISO 14122-3:2001 & BS 6399-1:1996. This is an excellent, cost effective alternative to steel handrails which require constant, on-going maintenance.


50mm diameter tube is available in 6m lengths but can be cut to any length free of charge. Our GRP handrail system is available from stock in Yellow or Grey. Other colours can be made to order depending on quantities.

Our tubular handrail system is extremely versatile and can be used to create complex shapes with ease.

The picture to the left shows a handrail installed by our own skilled craftsmen on the roof of the new Manchester Airport control tower.

Zero maintenence and zero corrosion resistance were vital because of the location.

4 way cross



30 degree 4 way cross



30 degree bend



30 degree T piece



60 degree bend



90 Degree Bend



Adjustable Bend



Base Foot



Corner 3 Way



Corner 4 Way



Universal swivel



50mm dia tube



T Piece



Side Support



P Joint



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