Anti-Slip Treads & Tread Covers 

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Anti-slip tread covers are a simple and cost effective way to provide superior slip resistance on stair ways. They are extremely durable and completely corrosion resistant so will never rot or rust. They have a contrasting nosing for high visibility. Anti-slip tread covers can be cut and drilled if required to your exact specification free of charge. Internal and external adhesives are available to complete the installation. Landing areas are also available utilising our fibreglass plate. Our non-slip tread covers have a quartz gritted surface and conform to BS7976-2 2002 Slip Resistance Test. covers and plate have achieved a rating considered to be “Better than excellent”.

Ministry of Defence. Hundreds of 'TreadGrip' anti-slip tread covers have been installed at an RAF base in Norfolk for the MOD. These anti slip tread covers were cut and prepared at our workshop and then taken to site and installed with external adhesive. The installation takes very little time and can be walked on within a few hours. 

TreadGrip anti slip tread covers are manufactured from 4mm thick fibreglass with a quartz gritted surface for maximum anti-slip properties. Ideal for tread repair. We use quartz as the grit medium which is harder than the fibreglass itself, giving the covers an extremely long service life. Sheets of 4mm plate are used on landing areas for a complete installation. The nosing is Yellow as standard but can be supplied in White if required. Nose is 55mm deep to comply with current standards.

Before and after pictures of a few steps and landing area at a nursery school

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