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Railway supplies include dagger boards, roof walkways, pedestrian walkways, track crossings, handrails and barriers. We can also install anti-slip flooring to work areas and stairways in maintenance sheds.

Dagger Boards   - Solid GRP (fibreglass) Dagger boards can be manufactured to any size and cut-out pattern. The pictures shown here are dagger boards manufactured to Network Rail specification and are installed at Aigburth station near Liverpool.


These particular boards are 15mm thick solid GRP with a wood grain finish to give an attractive, realistic appearance. Any size and pattern can be manufactured. 

After the 'blanks' are manufactured, the boards then have the distinctive dagger pattern cut using a precision high power water jet.


Fixing holes are then drilled to complete the process. fibreglass battens can also be supplied if required to fix the boards to. Dagger boards can be manufactured to any RAL colour. 

Track Crossings   - Crossing a rail track, or a series of tracks safely can be very difficult. Anglia Composites can supply and install fibreglass sheets to make a crossing a safe one. Our heavy-duty GRP sheets can be manufactured to any RAL colour and have an anti-slip surface as standard. A contrasting edge can also be incorporated to aid visibility. Sheets can be installed using our adjustable feet which are fixed to the sleepers to create a permanent walkway.

Denham Rail Station


This roof walkway was installed at Denham Railway Station for access to clean and maintain skylights.


The roof walkway is 42 metres long and was installed in just 4 days by our own craftsmen and incorporates lightweight flooring, access ladder and handrail system.


Because fibreglass is lightweight no extra weight was added to the roof structure. 


Similar walkways were installed at Gatwick railway station and Beconsfield railway station.

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