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Fibreglass grating has been proven to have superior mechanical properties over traditional materials such as wood or steel. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, our non slip fibreglass grating is corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant and lightweight. We also offer fibreglass non-slip grating particularly suited to wet or oily conditions and creating fibreglass ramps, platforms and walkways. Ideal for riser shaft grating, pontoons, platforms, walkways, roof access etc.


Key Benefits

Fire Resistant - Our fibreglass grating has been tested in accordance with BS476 and has achieved a class 1

flame spread rating or less. Our entire range of gratings is fire resistant. A fire test report is available upon request.

Chemical Resistant - Fibreglass products are corrosion resistant over a wide pH range both acidic and caustic. This

corrosion resistance is achieved by the use of premium grade orthothalic and vinyl-ester resins. Chemical resistance

data is available upon request.

Slip Resistant - The slip resistant feature of fibreglass grating is created during the moulding process when the top

surface naturally shrinks back to create a concave effect surface. This provides positive traction over a wide range of environmental conditions such as wet or oily surfaces and is particularly suited to applications such as fibreglass ramps, platforms and walkways. A hard wearing quartz grit is then added for heavy duty applications, providing an extended

life and superior anti-slip properties.

Impact Resistant - Fibreglass anti-slip grating allows repeated deflection without causing permanent damage or

deformation. Deflection will occur with the impact of a heavy object however, once the object is removed, fibreglass

non-slip grating will return to its original shape and position, unlike metallic grating, which will remain deformed. This eliminates the need for costly replacement gratings. A copy of our grating deflection data is available upon request.

High Strength - Fibreglass grating has superior strength and load bearing capabilities due to the high glass to resin

ratio. With a tensile strength higher (kilo per kilo) than steel, fibreglass products are the ideal solution for many safety

and access problems. Anglia Composites anti slip fibreglass grating is available from stock in depths from10mm right

up to 60mm in three different panel sizes and three different colours making our range of non slip fibreglass gratings

second to none. We can also manufacture bespoke gratings to any size and RAL colour with short lead times. 


12mm Screen Guard

This fibreglass grating is just 12mm thick with a 50mm x 50mm mesh pattern. It is machined smooth and flat on both sides and has been developed primarily for use as a screen guard or a handrail infill panel although it has many other uses. This fibreglass grating is available in Grey or Yellow from stock and is available in 3660mm x 1220mm sheets. Any colour can be made to order. Stainless steel fixing clips available.

14mm Mini-Mesh

Our 14mm thick mini-mesh fibreglass grating has been designed to be fixed directly to an existing solid surface to create instant anti slip flooring. Can also span short distances which make it ideal for disabled ramps, pontoons, marinas etc. Available from stock in panel size 4047mm x 1247mm in Black, Grey, Beige and Yellow. Other colours made to order. Stainless steel fixing clips available.

25mm & 38mm Standard Fibreglass Grating

Our standard 25mm and 38mm thick fibreglass grating is available in Green, Yellow and Grey. Ideal for pedestrian walkways. 20mm is Green only. Sheet sizes stocked are 2000mm x 1000mm, 3000mm x 1000mm and 3660mm x 1220mm. All 25mm and 38mm thick panels have a 38mm x 38mm mesh pattern and have a gritted surface for maximum anti-slip properties. We stock a wide range of stainless steel fixing clips and clamps for both types of fibreglass grating. Our fibreglass gratings can be made to any RAL colour.
Our 20mm fibreglass grating has been developed for use where the loads imposed are light and the grating can be fixed directly to an existing solid floor surface. Can be used in conjunction with our 20mm thick ramp edging to create a seamless walking area ideal for wheeled trollies etc. 

30mm Mini-Mesh Fibreglass Grating

30mm mini-mesh is available in 2000mm x 1000mm panels in Green, Yellow and Grey from stock. Other sizes and colours can be made to order. All panels have an anti slip surface. The small holes (just 12mm square) make it ideal for pontoons, marinas, disabled ramps and walkways. The extra thickness makes this fibreglass grating suitable for heavy-duty applications.

50mm Standard Fibreglass Grating

This is our heaviest duty grating. 50mm thick with a 50mm x 50mm mesh pattern. Anti slip surface as standard.
Available in 2000mm x 1000mm and 3660mm x 1220mm panels in Green only. Other RAL colours can be manufactured to order.

Concave Surface Grating

Concave surface fibreglass grating is simply standard grating panels without the added gritted surface finish. The concave effect is created during the curing process when the top surface naturally shrinks back to create the concave effect.
This type of fibreglass grating is stocked in small quantities and can be made to order in any size panel and RAL colour. A sanded smooth surface grating can also be manufactured which is ideal for decorative purposes.

Smooth Surface Grating

Smooth surface fibreglass grating is simply standard grating panels without the gritted surface finish and sanded flat for a smooth finish to both sides of the grating.
This type of grating is often used for decorative purposes but still retains its structural integrity and high strength.
This type of grating is stocked only in 12mm thick Grey and Yellow colours but can be made to order in any size panel and RAL colour.

Transparent Fibreglass Grating


Transparent fibreglass gratings can be manufactured in just about any colour. used for decorative purposes but still maintaining high strength and corrosion resistance properties as well as being Class 1 fire resistant.

Conductive Fibreglass Grating

Our standard range of fibreglass gratings are all non-conductive. However, there are occasions when conductive fibreglass grating is required. For example, it could be used on the roof of a high building as a walkway grating. This type of fibreglass grating has a top surface of carbon which is highly conductive. Copper earthing straps are then fixed at intervals to the fibreglass grating and grounded. This will safely discharge any static electricity should the walkway suffer a lightening strike. 

Solid Surface Grating


Solid surface gratings are available from stock in 25mm and 41mm depths. Other depths are made to order up to 70mm thick. 


solid surface grating can be made with an anti-slip or chequer plate surface.


Grey and Green are stock colours but any thickness and colour can be made to order.

Grit Surface


Smooth Surface

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