Cooling Tower Access Platforms

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Lightweight and robust GRP cooling tower access including walkways built on site to any height, access ladders, handrails, ladder guards, self-closing safety gates, stairs and fibreglass gratings. Built and installed by our own skilled craftsmen.


Safe access to maintain cooling towers can be a real problem. Health and safety inspectors are getting very strict with companies to make sure staff have permanent and safe access to carry out maintenance tasks such as cleaning the media. Anglia Composites can design and install access platforms to suit just about any cooling tower. The entire platform is constructed from lightweight fibreglass so will not add any stress to the tower.

Access to cooling tower in Hull. The site is a Birds Eyey Site run by Norbert Dentressangle. This installation took just 2 days keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Access platforms are lightweight, thermally stable, impact resistant, chemical resistant, high strength to weight ratio and completely corrosion resistant which all equates to practically zero maintenance.

Near completion of a very large series of platforms at GKN Stevenage.

Yet another very large project. This time at Birds Eye, Lowestoft.

Two joined access platforms at Sheffield Hospital.

more images for cooling tower access for GlaxoSmithKline at their Stevenage plant. 

Access platform with handrails for Birds Eye, Lowestoft.

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